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Tuesday, 02 September 2014
Who Are The Boise Weasels
Written by DEAN, AFWBC   
Thursday, 05 October 2006







We are the BOISE WEASELS and our gaggle is located throughout the Boise Idaho Area (there are too many watering holes worth visiting).  Some refer to Idaho as the Gemstate while others call it  the Potato State or Spud State.  Those of us who were born and raised here proudly refer to ourselves as "Tater Trash!"  We are another bastard child of WEASELS USA, not a "chapter."  Chapters are for books and we would just ruin the pages when we spilled our drinks.  For more information on "chapters" please refer to the Bylaws


We are a social organization (drinking club) with a motorcycle problem. 


We are not a motorcycle club or M/C !


As a Boise Weasel we like to drink, we like to ride, we like to wear orange, we like to have fun.  Did I mention we have free pasties!

We enjoy belonging to an organization that neither deserves, gets, or seeks respect of from anyone.

We are unorganized and have no organization.  We are nothing more than figments of our own imagination!


As Weasels we are proud to be at the bottom of the barrel. Especially an oak one!


That being said, whether you are a Weasel or not, meet up with us at one of our favorite watering holes and buy us a drink. We never turn down a free drink! 









We are not a motorcycle club or M/C !

we are a social organization (drinking club)

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